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Work with a Product Launch Expert 6-figure & 7-figure info product creators trust and…

Make MASSIVE Sales & Revenue From Every Launch

Sadly, I’m quite picky with who I work with. Click the button below to apply to work with me and I’ll send you an email if you qualify. 

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Hi, My Name Is Raf Marabut.

I’m a Product Launch Expert.

I help info product creators generate more sales & revenue from their product launches and relaunches. 

I started out as a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter around 4 years ago.

During these years, I’ve worked with 12+ digital marketing agencies helping them deliver better results for their clients through my copy and expertise in funnel strategy.

On the side, I’ve also worked with a number of 6-figure & 7-figure business owners…

… and even including one of Russel Brunson’s “Two Comma Club X” members.

I’m also the Founder & Sensei of Copywriting Dojo Philippines (over 4,300 members and counting) which is the first & only copywriting community for Filipinos. 

Some of the Many Clients I’ve Worked With

A Few More Reasons Why You Should Work With Me

Get a Seasoned Copywriter to help you get MASSIVE sales & revenue because I have 4+ years of experience as a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter and I’ve made my clients 6-7 figures in revenue.

Boost conversion rates and persuade your prospects with what’s currently working which I’ve learned through working with 12+ digital marketing agencies and years of split-testing & optimization.

Hire a Product Launch Expert who launches his own products regularly & successfully because I know for a fact that most copywriters out there have absolutely zero experience in selling their own products.

Work with a real expert who is currently coaching dozens of copywriters & business owners and I’m not lying here because I launch my own online courses, mentorship programs, workshops, and events.

Get help from someone who never stops growing as a Copywriter because, unlike most copywriters, I’ve spent over $15,000 on courses, books, and mentorship programs so I can keep getting better results.

(I’m currently being mentored by Colin Theriot who is the Pontifex Maximus of The Cult of Copy and one of the best copywriters in the world.)

What Some of My Clients Are Saying

“If you don’t care about high conversion rates, intelligent work, dependability, reliability, availability and the ability to never miss a deadline than Raffy is not the right person you are looking for. For the rest of us, Raffy is the solution to our copy problems.
Man! Raffy has cranked out a webinar registration page and email sequences in a day that gave me 66% conversion with warm traffic. Can anyone beat that? I don’t think so.” Adil Zuberi

Digital Marketing Producer, Superpower Solutions Ltd., UK

“I engaged Raffy to perform some copywriting for one sales funnel and was amazed at how he took the reigns and created the entire funnel for me. I now consider Raffy my go-to guy for all things copy! Awesome work.” Ani Wilson

Founder & Director, Ani Wilson Consulting Ltd., Australia

Need Me for Your Next Launch?

Again, I’m quite picky with who I work with. Click the button below to apply to work with me and I’ll send you an email today!